July 2015

You Don’t Fatten the Lambs by Weighing Them

As I struggled to understand who is responsible for safe senior mobility, the image that appeared in my mind was a Thomas Nast political cartoon I remembered from a middle school history book. Members of the notorious Tweed Ring, caricatured as potbellied politicians in suspenders and top hats, stood in a circle, each pointing to the person beside him, assigning responsibility to someone else.

The National Register of Safe Senior Drivers

In the early years of the Independent Transportation Network, I drove a fiery, 85- pound woman named Dorothy. She learned about ITN while recovering from a broken arm suffered in an automobile accident on Forest Avenue, one of Portland’s busiest streets. From historic photographs and post cards, I know Forest Avenue once had many trees. Now it is a forest of traffic signals, crosswalks and cars.

Channeling Terry Gross

I have wanted to write a book about aging and mobility for as long as I have worked in this field -- more than 25 years. I organized it and reorganized it in my head, but it was not until the Storybook Tour that I knew what I would do. Suddenly, I was energized. I was ready to write.