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Five Facts: Aging & Mobility in America

Aging and mobility in America

  1. By 2030, 1 out of every 5 Americans – more than 70 million people – will be 65 or older while many age-related changes that pose risks to safe driving begin even earlier.
  2. Most Americans outlive their decision to stop driving by about a decade and continue to rely on the private automobile for their transportation. 
  3. About 90% of trips for people over 65 are taken in the private automobile, as drivers or passengers, while 8% of trips are walking and 2% are using public transit.
  4. Transportation is the second-highest household expense after housing – comprising more than 20% of household expenditures.
  5. At the last White House Conference on Aging, delegates voted for transportation options as the third-highest national policy priority, ahead of Medicare and Social Security.

Our Invitation to Our Sponsors:

ITN is seeking sponsors to join us in two national PR events designed to mobilize America around sustainable senior transportation solutions in 2015.

1) The ITNAmerica Storybook Tour:  ITN Founder and President Katherine Freund will take to the road for a 60-day tour to gather and tell the stories of why mobility matters more than ever. Through strategic partnerships with AARP, the American Occupational Therapy Association, and other supporters of livable communities for America aging people, we aim to increase awareness and engage more people to become part of the solution.

2) #sharearide social media challenge: ITN, with support from AARP, is also casting a national call for stories about what mobility means to American people, their loved ones, or someone with whom they have shared a ride in our #sharearide challenge.

Goal and Projected Outcomes:

The goal of the ITN Storybook Tour is to raise awareness of the national mobility challenge that millions of older and visually impaired Americans face every day and rally more volunteers and companies who care about healthy aging and safe roads, to support this cause.

We expect to make millions of impressions nationally through our PR and earned media efforts, plus millions more brand impressions in the form of logo and slogan placement on the car that Katherine will be driving cross-country for the ITNAmerica Storybook Tour. ITN has a proven track record of successfully earning media in major national newspapers including Parade magazine, AARP The Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and TV and radio networks including The Financial Times, NPR and the CBS Morning Show.

Key Benefits for Sponsors:

In exchange for the co-marketing and promotional support, our sponsors will be given an opportunity for prominent brand recognition and impressions in the following places:

1) Storybook Tour website (linked from all press releases and many social media posts)
2) Logo placement on the automobile Katherine will drive cross-country to 24 – 30 stops
3) Thousands of social media posts (through partnerships with AARP and other national supporters)
4) Approximately 40 press releases to national and local newspapers, radio and TV stations 
5) Guest expert invitations to our soon-to-be-launched podcast series about innovative solutions to sustain senior mobility
6) Pooled media contacts and social media influencers access for joint press release distribution
7) Invitation to exclusive senior mobility champion committee

Sponsorship Levels:

Act now to secure your preferred sponsorship level, while supplies last!

Individual Donations:

We are also accepting individual donations to the Storybook Tour. Visit our Crowdrise website site here to learn more and donate.

Sponsorship Inquires and Questions:

Contact: Lisa Wolff, Marketing & Communications Manager, ITNAmerica
Phone: 207-591-6942  Email: lisa.wolff@itnamerica.org