Storybook Tour - Week 2 Highlights

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The ITNAmerica Storybook Tour continued as Founder and President Katherine Freund surpassed the 3,000-mile mark going from Gainesville to Orlando to Miami to Tampa and then a straight 706-mile drive up to Nashville! Check out this teaser segment Nashville Public Television prepared for us before our Music for Senior story stop. This week also involved a short day in Washington, where Katherine accepted an invitation to the swearing-in of Bella Dinh-Zarr as Vice Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board.

With every stop, Katherine is mastering the art of story-gathering and storytelling, as she details in her second blog from the road, titled "Channeling Terry Gross."

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Edgar VieiraBella Din Zarr

This week, we posted a bunch of new video clips on our YouTube channel from the dozens of interviews Katherine has already conducted. Here’s a summary of what you’ll find there:

The barriers to transportation that Katherine is hearing about range from visual impairments, as experienced by ITNNorthJersey member rider Johanna Baccan, to one’s ability to work and raise a child in rural Texas after seizures took her driver’s license away, as told by AARP Maryland's Christy Page. We are learning about the importance of on-demand transportation support to supplement driving capacity while people like Joanne Divney recover from surgery.

For every story of transportation barriers, there are inspiring stories about the spirit of volunteerism and hope, as ITNCoastalCT Executive Director Nancy McCormick so eloquently spoke about here. We recognize the many ways communities are inspired by stories from nonprofit transportation service members and drivers alike, as told by Linda Dennis at Partners in Care Maryland.

Katherine will be on the road with the Storybook Tour until Aug 14. Follow along at, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to get the latest updates as they become available. Many more videos are in production and being posted to YouTube every day.


Are you inspired by this tour and Katherine's determination to drive 12,000 miles in the name of creating more transportation solutions for America's aging and visually impaired people? We need your support! ITNAmerica is a nonprofit organization, which means Katherine is staying on couches and in the cheapest hotels and AirBnB accommodations possible to keep costs down for this trip. Every donation helps. To make a donation, please visit our Crowdrise site here.

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