Storybook Tour - Week 3 Highlights

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The ITNAmerica Storybook Tour made its way through the Deep South last week, traveling through Nashville and Memphis, down to Dallas and up to Oklahoma City. What a warm welcome and wave of inspiration washing over us from the dozens of participants who are stepping up to tell their stories at every stop!
Here's a sampling of social media posts from week 3 of the tour:

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In her blog this week, ITNAmerica Founder and President Katherine Freund shares one of her own stories from the early days of the 20-year-old Independent Transportation Network – a story that got her pondering a place of positive thinking and the concept of a National Register of Safe Senior Drivers.

This week, we posted more new video clips on our YouTube channel from the many interviews Katherine is conducting – these from her stops in Charlotte, N.C., Columbia, MD, and Gainesville, GA.

In Columbia, Katherine had the opportunity to interview Joy Cheung about her two distinct perspectives on the issue of transportation access: as a resident of a senior village, and as a Chinese-American. The need for transportation clearly spans all ethnicities and communities.

In Charlotte, Katherine interviewed two AARP North Carolina volunteers: Dean Brodhag, who spoke eloquently about the work behind AARP's Livable Communities initiative, and Sandra Cross, who spoke about her personal experience with her parent's transportation access.

In Gainesville, GA, Katherine had the great honor of speaking with former Gainesville Mayor Sissy Dunlap, who told two great stories about the experience of separating her mother from her beloved "yellow banana" (her yellow Cadillac.)

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Are you inspired by this tour and Katherine's determination to drive 12,000 miles in the name of creating more transportation solutions for America's aging and visually impaired people? We need your support! ITNAmerica is a nonprofit organization, which means Katherine is staying on couches and in the cheapest hotels and AirBnB accommodations possible to keep costs down for this trip. Every donation helps. To make a donation, please visit our Crowdrise site here.

Katherine will be on the road with the Storybook Tour until Aug 14. Follow along at, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to get the latest updates as they become available. Many more videos are in production and being posted to YouTube every day.

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